Alice Coffin in Montréal for the lesbian visibility Day

As part of the Inhabiting Space campaign launched by the Quebec Lesbian Network for the 2024 Lesbian Visibility Day, we had the immense pleasure of welcoming Alice Coffin in Montreal as a special guest of the event.



Lesbian, bisexual and queer women and people: challenges at work

Lesbian, bisexual and queer women and people face particular challenges in the workplace, including issues related to both sexism and homophobia (lesbophobia). The Réseau des lesbiennes du Québec and the Réseau québécois pour l’équité, la diversité et l’inclusion (RQEDI) are launching a video that addresses various facets of lesbian, bisexual and queer realities in the workplace through expert testimonials and real-life experiences, notably as a member of parliament, and as a worker in a sportive cenyer. Researcher Émilie Morand and RLQ Executive Director Tara Chanady also present the current state of knowledge on lesbophobia in the workplace, as well as strategies to address and counter it.

Lesbian Research Symposium (2024)

It was during the weekend of March 1st and 2nd that the Lesbian Research Symposium took place, a conference entirely devoted to research on lesbian/lesboqueer realities, a first in Québec! To see the entire list of eight panels, click here

Presentation of the RLQ's Survey -"COVID-19 : impacts sur les femmes de la diversité sexuelle au Québec "

Many of you participated in the RLQ surveys to collect data on the experience of LGBTQ+ women during the pandemic. The objective of this survey was to better understand the impacts related to COVID-19 and health measures on women and their families. It was also an opportunity to take stock, one year after the start of the pandemic.

Presentation of the RLQ's Survey - "Portrait des femmes de la diversité sexuelle au Québec" - 2021

In order to bring out of the shadows issues related to women of sexual diversity, the RLQ presented on May 17, 2021, a webinar reporting on its survey “ Portraits des femmes de la diversité sexuelle au Québec”, carried out among populations of women. LGBTQ + in Quebec, Francophones and Anglophones, from January 1 to May 31, 2020.

LGBTQ2S + Women's Rights From Here and Elsewhere

Presented in two parts, this conference offers an overview of the rights of LGBTQ2S + women. First, Julie Vaillancourt will present an overview of the issues facing women of sexual diversity from yesterday to today, from legal equality to social equality, with the daily challenges that remain. Then, the second part of the conference, presented by Alein Ortégon, will focus on the paradox of women’s rights from sexual diversity, elsewhere in the world, from the roots of discrimination, to lesbophobia. Vous have the option of receiving this conference face-to-face or videoconference. Clic HERE for more informations.

Interview with Alice Coffin

This interview with Alice Coffin, organized and moderated by the Réseau des lesbiennes du Québec (RLQ), was the opportunity to speak with the French author about her book Le genie lesbien, published last October. The book sparked controversy in France, but also violence against its author. Recently distributed in Quebec, the RLQ wishes to pave the way for this lesbian and feminist work, by carrying the voice of its author during an interview in the form of questions and answers. This activity is also part of the 2020 campaign of 12 days of action against violence against women who wish to highlight the systemic dimensions of violence against women.

"How do you flirt with a woman?" Clips

Dating between women has its share of joys and difficulties. This series of capsules aims to give a voice to LGBTQ + women on the subject and is in response to a question from a member of the RLQ: “How do you flirt with a woman?”

In this sense, last winter, the RLQ filmed at the Détour Bistro a series of capsules on the dredge. This results in relevant testimonies from Monik, Florence, Chloé, Anicia, Marika, Marie Josèphe and Marie-Andrée on dating, consent, sexuality and the couple.

Clip #1

Clip #2

Clip #3

Clip #4

Femmes: (Ré)flexions identitaires - Women Beyond Labels

Whether feminist, lesbian, queer, pansexual, trans, etc. these women go far beyond labels in their ideologies, identifications and daily occupations. This short experimental film highlights the complexity of this reflection, while providing visibility to women of sexual diversity. Because of its genre, the experimental short film allowed us to put forward a broader identity reflection, without giving answers on who we are. It’s unique to the genre, some will be shocked, others charmed, some will be pushed to thinking, others to misunderstanding. The reception of the film will be diversified, reflecting our identities. (Technical sheet)

Documentary Clips

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Chloé Viau

Discover the militant journey of Chloé Viau. Once on the RLQ’s Board of Directors and now a governor with the Fondation Émergence, she discusses her transition leading to her involvement with the trans, lesbian and older community.
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Jessie Bordeleau

Visit the offices of the RLQ/QLN – Quebec lesbian network – Women of sexual diversity, in the company of Jessie Bordeleau, president of the organization from 2015 to 2018.
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Judith Gagnon

Meet the author Judith Gagnon who presents her first work “Beyond duty” published by Homoromance Éditions.
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Nathalie DiPalma

Meet Nathalie Di Palma, now President of the RLQ’s Board of Directors. She’s the host of the radio program Lesbo-sons at CKUT 90.3 FM who has been involved in the Montreal LGBT community for over 20 years! Also, thank you to columnist and radio technician Josée L. Tavernier for also taking part in the game and to singer-songwriter Sylvie Paquette for her musical contribution to the credits with her song “In all the deserts”, taken from the album “Souvenirs de trois” (BMG © 2001)
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Joce-Lynne Proulx

Meet Joce-Lynne Proulx, author of the novel Zone de Turbulence, published by Homoromance Éditions!
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Patricia Chica

We invite you to discover the work of filmmaker Patricia Chica who presents her award-winning short film Morning After which focuses on fluid sexuality! She discusses her creative and spiritual workshops, her cinematographic journey, her achievements, from Montreal to Los Angeles, without forgetting her most recent film Morning After shown in various international film festivals !
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Kimura Byol

Meet the multimedia artist kimura byol – nathalie lemoine who presents her fascinating journey. If expression of identity is at the heart of the artist’s work, her most recent film, the documentary ARTivismes Lesbiens (inspired by the eponymous conference held in Ottawa in 2016), was released in 2017.
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Line Chamberland

Holder of the Research Chair on Homophobia at UQAM, Line is carrying out various research projects with the Quebec LGBTQ community, notably SAVIE-LGBTQ, while being a professor of sexology at UQAM, for several years. Line Chamberland is also the author of several important, even pioneering works, including the book Mémoires Lesbiennes, published by Éditions du remue-household in 1996. Through this capsule, she humbly shares her knowledge.
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Émilie Lebel

Discover the work of Émilie Lebel, owner of Café Perko, located at 753 rue Villeray, in Montreal. This lawyer by training discusses passionately and articulated on current topics, without forgetting its implications for Pride at Work Canada, as programming assistant for Quebec.
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Martine Roy

Discover the fascinating journey of Martine Roy, activist with the LGBTQ + community for more than 20 years, involved in Pride at Work Canada and La Purge. She notably discusses her career in the Canadian Armed Forces. Formerly dismissed for homosexuality, she will campaign for many years, only to finally receive an apology from the federal government, issued by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2018.


Portraits de lesbiennes aînées

Portraits of Elderly Lesbians— Realities and histories of elderly lesbians 

Realization : Gin Bergeron, Diane Heffernan et Suzanne Vertue 
Production : Quebec Lesbian Network
2006 – Montréal, Québec, Canada