Bisexual Visibility Day

Continuing the conversation: bisexuality in lesbo-queer communities

On the occasion of Bisexual Visibility Day, here’s an episode on bisexuality in different communities and the realities of our lesbo-queer experiences. Listen to the discussion with guests Milaine Alarie (she/her), Marilou Lebel (her/they) and Mylène de Repentigny-Corbeil (she/her), moderated by Marika Robert (alternate pronouns).

RLQ's 25th anniversary

Book Archives Lesbiennes

During the 25th anniversary of the Quebec Lesbian Network on June 18th, 2022, the RLQ hosted the pre-launch of the book Archives Lesbiennes. This podcast talks about this major book written by Julie Vaillancourt of the RLQ. Listen to the discussion between Julie Vaillancourt, Line Chamberland and Dominique Bourque, the latter  having evaluated the work. Julie Antoine, general manager of the organization overseeing its production, introduces this unique work.

Discussion: RLQ's 25th anniversary ambassadors

During the 25th anniversary of the Quebec Lesbian Network on June 18th, 2022, the ambassadors of the day came to talk about their stories. Listen to Martine Roy, President of the LGBT Purge Fund and Regional Director, LGBTQ2+ Business Development Quebec & Eastern Canada for TD Bank, singer Tamara Weber-Fillion, host Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau, and activist Nicole Lacelle, current president of the RLQ.

Quebec Lesbian Network timeline

On June 18th, Kassandra Rivest, archivist at the RLQ, presented an unpublished version of the RLQ timeline. Listen to the recording of this presentation and consult the timeline here: https://rlq-qln.ca/ligne-du-temps/

Lesbian Visibility Day 2022

«Invisibiliser c’est discriminer» Lesbian Visibility

How does it feel to be a public figure and openly displaying your sexual orientation in 2022? What are the psychological, physical, but also social issues of claiming to be lesbian, bisexual, pansexual in the socio-cultural sphere of Quebec as well as on social media? Here are some questions that will be addressed by the host of this podcast Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau to the spokesperson for the JVL 2022, the comedian Coco Béliveau, as well as to the rapper Sarahmée (Visibility 2022 prize), without forgetting the poet , novelist and essayist Nicole Brossard (2022 Homage Award).

Lesbian visibility: from yesterday to today

Whether it’s in the visual arts, music, cinema or literature, lesbian invisibility is not new. Yet many openly lesbian artists have been active in Quebec’s cultural milieu. In order to testify to the place of women, but also to the concrete effects of patriarchy on their practice, artists will come to highlight lesbian solidarity. Thus, Gin Bergeron, Diane Trépanière and Josette Bourque will discuss their successes, their challenges, their issues and more specifically their lives, during a podcast hosted by Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau.

Implication of community organizations for lesbian visibility

For 40 years, organizations and activists have worked to create Lesbian Visibility Day. Despite all the efforts made over the decades, lesbian visibility is still a central issue in the struggles for de facto equality for our communities. Hosted by Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau, this podcast will give the floor to Johanne Audet, president of Interligne, to Marie Houzeau, director of Gris-Montréal as well as to Mélanie Edere, president of the Fédération des Femmes du Québec (FFQ) in order to discuss the invisibility of lesbians throughout history, but also within LGBTQ2S+ and feminist groups, with a view to proposing solutions to this major issue.

March 8th 2022

« Is the future feminist? »

On March 8, to mark International Women’s Rights Day, the Quebec Lesbian Network organized a happy hour with a live podcast recording. To stimulate discussion, Julie Vaillancourt welcomes Marie-Andrée Gauthier and Julie Antoine. They ask themselves the question: “Is the future feminist? “.

About the guests:

Marie-Andrée Gauthier has been General Coordinator of the Network of Regional Tables of Women’s Groups in Quebec for the past 6 years. She works there in particular to facilitate feminist analysis in each region of Quebec. With several years of activism within the feminist community, her favorite subjects are the prevention of sexual assault and the collective defense of women’s rights. She believes that solidarity and popular education are unparalleled tools for combating the injustices that curb inequality.

Julie Antoine has been the Executive Director of the Quebec Lesbian Network since 2017, in order to bring out of the shadows the different realities with which women who love women are struggling in Quebec. Feminist and lesbian, she actively fights for the rights of LGBTQ+ women with various political and social bodies regarding the quality of life of women of sexual diversity. She does not hesitate to raise her voice to denounce injustices and to claim rights for those who cannot. As a mother of two young girls with her partner, offering positive and diverse models of lesbians thus becomes an essential motivating factor in nurturing her activism on a daily basis. She dreams of a fair world where women will break the glass ceilings, regain their power in order to change the obsolete paradigms that suffocate our societies and no longer offer a positive future for humanity.