A tour through Quebec
to empower LGBTQ + women


Provide the tools necessary to develop
a sense of belonging


Helping women resist sexual
assault with Wen-do


Allow women to meet in
a safe and favorable context for exchange

History & education

Relate the history of LGBT women, their
to know their past

The program

During the tour, the RLQ will offer tools from the EAAA (Enhanced Assess, Acknowledge, Act) program, an educational program on resistance to sexual assault.

Established in several universities around the world, it will be offered in various Quebec universities in 2020, under the French title BÉRA (enhanced version of the Evaluate, Recognize, Act) program.

The clientele

Although the BÉRA program is primarily aimed at undergraduate students, who represent the population most at risk, the Empowerment Tour of LGBT women is aimed at all university students, regardless of their age. In this sense, we want to bring together the community of LGBT women and their allies.

About the EAAA program

The Flip the Script ™ / EAAA educational program is an empirical intervention in small groups, lasting 12 hours, designed specifically for first-year university students. Based on theory, research evidence and best practices to help women resist sexual assault against known individuals, this program is delivered by the SARE Center in Windsor, Ontario, and funded by the Institutes of Health Research of Canada and the Ontario Council for Women’s Health. Developed, reviewed and tested by Dr. Charlene Senn of the University of Windsor over a 10-year period, the Flip the Script ™ / EAAA program is the only program evaluated in a clinical trial with demonstrated to significantly reduce the incidence of rape and other forms of sexual assault. It is an essential part of a comprehensive strategy to tackle the high number of rapes and other forms of sexual violence on university campuses.

The tour

University of Quebec in Montreal

2 october 2019

University of Sherbrooke

9 october 2019

University of Quebec at Chicoutimi

16 october 2019

University of Quebec in Outaouais

13 november 2019

University of Laval

20 November 2019

University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières

27 November 2019

University of Montréal

To be confirmed (2020)

Sharing knowledge

In this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the omnibus bill, militant and legislative events significant for the LGBT movement, what do we know about women who fought for our rights? Too little, that history books rarely print. In order to make their voices and their struggles heard, the RLQ wishes to revisit the history of these women through the Quebec LGBT and feminist movement, in order to highlight their journeys and inspire the young generations. Knowing where you come from is where you know where you are going. Sharing knowledge generates dialogue.

Meet LGBT women communities

Many LGBT women have learned to share places of socialization with women of all ages and all orientations, since very rare are such places for women in the community. By opening a safe space for LGBT women of all ages, we are creating the power of numbers and sharing of diverse experiences.

Tooling LGBT women

By offering the premises of an educational program on resistance to sexual assault, including a self-defense component, the RLQ wishes to equip women while leading them to become aware of their bodies, their strengths and their value in society. Wen-do, a form of self-defense specifically designed for women, seemed the perfect fit. These techniques, lavished on a feminist perspective and based on different martial arts, were created by Ann and Ned Paige in Canada in the early 1970s.


The training day will end with an evening organized by the RLQ and Lez Spread the Word, an LGBTQ + organization which, since 2012, has been dedicated to the production of content by and for lesbian women. LSTW rallies LGBTQ women, both on the web and in its print magazines, or during its monthly parties Where are the women? in the metropolis. The RLQ and LSTW are proud to join forces during the Empowerment tour of LGBT women.