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All lesbians, queer women, groups or organizations that adhere to the philosophy, values and objectives of the QLN can become members. Those who have paid their dues and who comply with the conditions included in the general regulations of the organization are considered to be members.

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Per Year
  • Access to the actions and battles led by the QLN and pride in the fact that you are participating in a mission greater than you.
  • Access to various activities organized by the QLN (at least 3 events per year)
  • Access to monthly contests and draws
  • Opportunity to engage with the board of directors and various committees to advance the QLN at the political and social level, and at the same time, YOUR representation.
  • Access to discounts with our partners and community-related initiatives.
  • Actively participate in various activities in the LGBTQ+ community (opportunities for networking, political and social action, volunteering, etc.)




Per Year
  • Visibility on our social media and on our website for your events. Want to reach as many people as possible for your next AGM? Your activities? With nearly 6,000 members on our social media, the RLQ can certainly spread the word and increase your visibility among sexually diverse women.
  • Partnerships (visibility during events, presentation of your products and services, etc.)
  • Encourage our non-profit organization to advocate for the rights of sexually diverse women. Remember that the RLQ is a pioneer in this domain and that your support is vital to ensure its sustainability.
  • Be at the forefront of the initiatives and actions carried out by the QLN, and contribute to countering prejudice and breaking the chain of isolation for sexually diverse women.


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