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At a time when the LGBTQ+ community wants to be more inclusive of the various identities, the RLQ/QLN - Quebec Lesbian Network wishes to put forward the realities of sexually diverse women. Whether feminist, lesbian, queer, pansexual, trans, etc. these women go well beyond the labels in their ideologies, identifications and daily occupations. This short experimental film highlights the complexity of this reflection, while giving visibility to sexually diverse women.

Documentary Film Clips

Chloé Viau

Bio in English coming soon! (Video in French)

Émilie Lebel

Discover the work of Émilie Lebel, owner of Café Perko, located at 753 Villeray Street, Montreal. This lawyer talks passionately and articulately on current topics, as well as her involvement with Pride at Work Canada, as the Quebec programming assistant.

Line Chamberland

Discover the academic and militant career of Line Chamberland.As UQAM's Chair in Research on Homophobia, Line conducts various research projects with the Quebec LGBTQ community, including SAVIE-LGBTQ, and has been a professor of sexology at UQAM for several years. Line Chamberland is also the author of several important books including the Lesbian Memoirs, published by Éditions du remue-ménage in 1996. Through this capsule, she shares her knowledge humbly. (Video in French)

kimura byol

Multimedia artist kimura byol - nathalie lemoine reveals her fascinating (self) exploration, mixing her Korean, Belgian and Canadian influences. The expression of identity and it’s (re)definition is at the heart of her artistic work, from painting to films, including her most recent documentary, "Lesbian ARTivisms".

Patricia Chica

Filmmaker Patricia Chica discusses Morning After, her award-winning short film about fluid sexuality. She passionately talks about working with energy with actors on the set as well as during her spiritual workshops, and reveals her cinematographic journey, from Montreal to Los Angeles.

Joce-Lynne Proulx

After a career in communication, Joce-Lynne Proulx launched her first novel, Zone of Turbulence, published by Homoromance Editions. Native from Gatineau, the retired sexagenarian has a writing just as sophisticated as its purpose, being the living proof that with hard work, skills and talent you can achieve your dream. (Video in French)

Nathalie DiPalma

Host of the radio show Lesbo-sons CKUT 90.3 FM, Nathalie Di Palma has been involved in the Montreal LGBT community for more than 20 years: the fascinating journey of a woman that will inspire many more to be their true self.

Judith Gagnon

Born in Plessisville, Judith Gagnon presents her first novel Au-delà du devoir published by Homoromance Éditions. The young author explains her motivations behind writing, but also her journey as a young lesbian, moving from a small town to the big city.

Jessie Bordeleau

Step into the offices of the QLN/QLN - Quebec Lesbian Network - Women of Sexual Diversity, with Jessie Bordeleau, President of the organization since 2014.

Martine Roy

Discover the fascinating journey of Martine Roy, an activist with the LGBTQ + community for over 20 years involved in Pride at Work Canada. In this video, she discusses her career in the Canadian Armed Forces. She was formerly dismissed for homosexuality, which she campaigned against for many years, finally to receive an apology from the federal government, issued by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last November. (Film in French)

Social Demonstrations